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Top Reasons Oz is Better than Angel

1) The van -have you ever seen Angel drive anything?

2) Oz has never killed anyone's girlfriend

3) Oz and Willow have a better height ratio than Angel and Buffy

4) He plays lead guitar in a band

5) He's not more than 200 years old

6) He flatters Willow, as opposed to Angel making Buffy feel like a little kid

7) He varies his appearance frequently (blond hair/brown hair, facial hair/no facial hair)

8) He's not a vampire (ok, so werewolf, but that's not all the time)

9) He's not an evil vampire

10) He's not an evil obsessive vampire.

11) Can we say sense of humour?

12) Oz's bark is better than Angel's bite.

13) He has a reflection (and a cute one at that)

14) Oz is colorful, as opposed to Angel wearing gothic black.

15) Wow! Sunlight shining on your cutie, imagine that.

16) He wears black nailpolish and an earring (get with the times Angel)

17) Oz is still alive

18) Oz hasn't been sucked into hell

Thank you to the following people for their input into this list: Rebecca L.C. Freedman, Kita Chim, KTweety44, Em4peace, AuroaFern, Sethgal1, and Nicole North.
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