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Brought to you by popular demand:

Top Reasons Why Oz is Better Than Xander

1) He has never eaten a school mascot

2) He knows he has a good thing in Willow

3) He was much more accepting of the entire Hellmouth thing than Xander was.

4) He can probably dance better.

5) He sets more attainable goals (Willow kissage vs. flying Buffy out for prime rib)

6) Oz isn't desparate enough to turn to witchcraft to get girls to notice him.

7) The whole band and van thing that Oz has going for him.

8) In the words of Buffy, he woke up and smelled the hottie.

9) Oz was never in love with a bug.

10) Taste in girls: intelligent bookworm vs. shallow bitch (these aren't my words, I kinda like Cordy but I love how it sounds)

11) He realizes that Willow wins in the Cordy vs. Willow thing

12) He gets way better lines

13) He's more of a romantic, Xander just wants to get Cordy in a closet.

14) He's got that sexy shy smile (Oh yeah)

15) He took the fact that he's a werewolf really well.

16) He understands the Animal Cookie, which most men don't

17) He's smart, a total turn on.

18) He wanted Willow to wait till she was ready to kiss him.

19) He's Seth Green, nuff said

Mucho thanks to Sparklez, Ktweety44, Mandy, and Nicodemus for their contributions
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