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Past Poll Results

Q: What should be done about Oz' werewolf problem?
A: 14% Him and Willow should raise werewolf pups.
55% Giles will find a cure in his books.
28% Nothing
3% He will be shot with a silver bullet

Q: Who on Buffy should Oz date?
A: 94% Willow
2% Buffy
4% Cordelia

Q: What is Seth's best work?
A: 53% Buffy the Vampire Slayer
26% Other (although this was at about 1% before Can't Hardly Wait)
16% Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Yeah, Baby!
3% Temporarily Yours
2% It
1% Byrds of Paradise

Q: Was Can't Hardly Wait the coolest movie ever?
A: 92% Yes
8% No

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